Nail and Foot Challenges

Adding Length

Sometimes, extra length is desired, whether for a special event, to repair a single, broken nail, or just because. This can generally be achieved through either gluing on a plastic tip, then reinforcing with an enhancement product, or by sculpting the length directly onto the nail, using a form. My extensions are typically sculpted, as I feel I get a much thinner, stronger, more natural looking nail. Following are some specific extension options.

Nail Biters

For clients struggling with a nail biting habit, I have a couple of suggestions. The first, and most key, is to keep something on your nails at all times. This can mean a gel polish for many clients, or a hard gel for those who struggle with both biting and picking. Having something on your nails is often enough to bring your attention to what you are doing, so you don't chew a nail off before even noticing it's happening. It is important to maintain a firm manicure schedule for at least the first two months, in order to help break the cycle. I absolutely recommend booking your next appointment before leaving the salon to avoid waiting too long between appointments.

If you would like to have instantly fancier nails, extensions are an option. Nail Biter Extensions are for those with no free edge (the white at the end) available on their nails. I recommend keeping them to a modest length, as the short natural nail provides a reduced foothold for the gel

Broken, Torn, or Split Nails

If you have broken a nail or two, or have a tear starting, your nail can be repaired. Rather than cutting all the length from your nails, a very natural looking and feeling nail can be built to repair single or multiple broken or tearing nails. Repairs are also available for split nails.


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